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Canva Templates for the creative lady boss

Canva Templates for the creative lady boss

The Lady Template Factory

Access ALL current templates in The Template Factory, PLUS new templates every month. These done-for-you templates are the perfect starting point and can be customized in so many ways to match your branding.

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Canva Templates for the creative lady boss.

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If you're trying to make moves in your creative business, looking to launch your side hustle to make some extra cash, or just wanting to update your website, this membership is made for you.

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Lady Template Factory MockUp

Lady Template Factory MockUp

Canva Templates for the creative lady boss

Social media is the place to be! But if you want to be a social media success story, you need to be there, day in day out. Reality check… Who has time to do it all! I want to give you some peace of mind by providing affordable ready to go templates for Canva that are easily editable for YOUR branding, save you time, and keep you away from tech struggles.

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